Charmaine Brown

brave is letting go

Charmaine Brown
brave is letting go

If you are lowdown and lowborn
Scattered and forlorn
In barren lands
More enemies than friends
You lost your chance
A long time ago.

If they pushed you to the fringe
Beyond borders of forgiveness
Left there to die
The doors to inside
Are closed.

If all too well they know your name
And there’s no space
No room for your mistake
No place to belong to
You wish to be anyone but she
Anyone but he
Anywhere but here.

If there you are with open wounds
Grass won’t grow
And buds won’t bloom
Desert of sorrow
And shadows tomorrow
Are certain.

This is your invitation
To let go
And be loved.

Come out of the shadow land
Come with your contraband
Come with your no plans
No need to cry unclean
No need to stay far off
There is no boundary
Or border you can’t cross.

If you don't have it all together
If you don't have it all worked out
Come join the party
This whole posse
Of us rumpled tumbled
And wanna-bes.

I love the colour purple, and polka dots, and fuzzy socks, and making music that is real and gritty and honest. You can find out more about what I'm to at