Charmaine Brown

brave is sinking deep

Charmaine Brown
brave is sinking deep

Mirage of freedom
Palm trees and sandy beach
What if the shore is not
The harbour I think it to be
It’s where I learn to sit back
A trap keeping me from the deep.

Feet on the floor
The water is warm
What if the shallow is not
Where I learn to swim
It’s where I learn to stay
Safe but barely existing.

Ocean blue
Ocean green
What if the deep is not just for sinking
It’s for surviving and it’s where
I come alive.

What if my prayers need to change
Not God take this away
Make the pain stop

What if the bottom of the sea
Is the only place I can breathe
Because breath is not air
Breath is not shore
Breath is you
Here with me.

Maybe we've got it all wrong
Maybe the lucky ones find
The treasure in the darkness
The deepest place in your arms.

I love the colour purple, and polka dots, and fuzzy socks, and making music that is real and gritty and honest. You can find out more about what I'm to at